6. Stromboli, Land of God

6. Stromboli, Land of God

Roberto Rossellini co-writes and directs this Second World War drama starring Ingrid Bergman. To escape from a prison camp Lithuanian refugee Karen (Bergman) marries an Italian fisherman named Antonio (Mario Vitale). She is filled with romantic notions as her husband takes her to his home on the island of Stromboli but her dreams of an idyllic paradise are shattered by the reality of a barren, desolate landscape.

She finds herself frowned upon by the local women who are suspicious of the foreigner and decides to leave the island, but her plan to raise enough money for her departure involves seducing the local priest (Renzo Cesana)...

This Italian neorealism classic is renowned for being the result of a letter that Bergman wrote to Rossellini, in which she spoke of her admiration for his work and how she wanted to make a film with him. The letter consequently sparked the infamous affair between Rossellini and Bergman which began during the production of the film.
This digitally remastered edition also contains Francesco Patierno's 2012 documentary The War of the Volcanoes which explores, through the use of rich archive footage, the intense and dramatic love story which took place during the production of Stromboli Land of God

Regisseur: Roberto Rossellini

Cast: Ingrid Bergman | Mario Vitale | Renzo Cesana | Mario Sponza

Ondertiteling : Engels
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