Short Films And Animation (Blu-ray + DVD)

Short Films And Animation (Blu-ray + DVD)

Collection of films by Polish director Walerian Borowczyk. In the animated feature 'Mr and Mrs Kabal's Theatre' (1967), the story follows the lives of Mr Kabal (voice of Pierre Collet) and his mechanical monster wife (Louisette Rousseau) who get on each other's nerves but can't imagine being apart. When Mrs Kabal suffers from indigestion after eating a butterfly, her husband has to travel inside her to find the source of the problem.

Also included are 12 short films which comprise: 'Astronauts' (1959), 'The Concert' (1962), 'Grandmother's Encyclopaedia' (1963), 'Renaissance' (1963), 'Angels' Games' (1964), 'Joachim's Dictionary' (1965), 'Rosalie' (1966), 'Gavotte' (1967), 'Diptych' (1967), 'The Phonograph' (1969), 'The Greatest Love of All Time' (1978) and 'Scherzo Infernal' (1984).

Regisseur: Walerian Borowczyk

Cast: Pierre Collet | Louisette Rousseau | Louis Jojot | Renata Astruc | Jacqueline Boivin | Edith Catry | Michel Boschet | Ligia Branice | Yves Robert

Ondertiteling: Engels

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