Hitchcock / Truffaut

Hitchcock / Truffaut

Kent Jones directs this documentary focusing on the impact of François Truffaut's book 'Cinema According to Hitchcock'. Film-makers including Wes Anderson, David Fincher, Martin Scorsese and Richard Linklater come together to discuss the influence of Truffaut's book on modern cinema. Released in 1966, the work was based on a week of interviews Truffaut conducted with Alfred Hitchcock at Universal Studios in which the British auteur discusses his portfolio of work with the 30-year-old French critic and burgeoning film-maker.

Featuring footage spanning Hitchcock's entire career, today's film-makers discuss his influence on their own films and careers.

Regisseur: Kent Jones

Cast: Kent Jones | Serge Toubiana | Charles S. Cohen | Olivier Mille | Jeremiah Bornfield | Nick Bentgen | Daniel Cowen | Eric Gautier | Mihai Malaimare Jr | Lisa Rinzler | Genta Tamaki | François Truffaut | Alfred Hitchcock | Wes Anderson | David Fincher | Olivier Assayas | Peter Bogdanovich | Richard Linklater | Martin Scorsese | Kiyoshi Kurosawa | Arnaud Desplechin

Ondertiteling: Engels
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