1.Germany Year Zero

1.Germany Year Zero

Roberto Rossellini's moving account of life in post-war Germany tells the story of a 13-year old black marketeer who poisons his ailing father out of pity and necessity.
The concluding part of Roberto Rossellini's celebrated War Trilogy, Germany Year Zero, is presented here in a new restoration.

Amidst the war-torn ruins of Berlin in the period immediately after the Second World War a twelve-year old boy, Edmund, struggles to support his family his ailing father and un-registered brother unable to provide for them. Left to his own devices, Edmund wanders around the devastated city, getting caught up in black market schemes and falling prey to the pernicious influence of a Nazi-sympathising former teacher with tragic consequences.

This heart-rending portrait of a decimated post-war European city is a damning indictment of war and fascism and remains one of the most effecting films in the history of cinema.

Special features

•Newly remastered presentation
•L'Amore (Roberto Rossellini, 1948, 70 mins): Rossellini's controversial two-part anthology film showcasing the manifold talents of Anna Magnani. The first part, A Human Voice is written by Jean Cocteau, and the second, The Miracle is written by Federico Fellini, who also puts in an acting turn
•Illustrated booklet featuring essays and credits

Germany, Italy | 1948 | black and white | German language, with optional English subtitles | 71 minutes | Original aspect ratio 1.33:1 | DVD9 | PAL | Cert PG | Region 2 DVD

Regisseur: Roberto Rossellini

Cast: Edmund Moeschke | Werner Pittschau | Barbara Hintz | Franz Kryger | Erich Guhne

Ondertiteling: Engels
€ 14,00