9. Early Murnau Five Films (Blu-ray)

9. Early Murnau Five Films (Blu-ray)

Collection of five silent films from German director F.W. Murnau. 'Schloss Vogelöd' (1921) takes place during an aristocratic weekend party at Vogelöd Castle where Count Johann Oestsch (Lothar Mehnert), long suspected of murdering his brother Peter (Paul Hartmann), turns up uninvited.

In a desperate attempt to prove his innocence and clear his name, the Count begins an ethically questionable campaign to find the true killer. In 'Phantom' (1922) government clerk Lorenz Lubota (Alfred Abel)'s quiet, ordered life spins violently out of control when he becomes infatuated with a mysterious and beautiful woman who runs him over with her chariot. 'Der Letzte Mann' (1924) tells the tale of the humiliation, rejection and ultimate triumph of an elderly hotel doorman (Emil Jannings) whose world crumbles when he is demoted to washroom attendant.

He gets the last laugh, however, when he inherits the fortune of a wealthy American who left his bundle to the last man who saw him alive. 'Die Finanzen Des Grossherzogs' (1924) follows the Grand Duke of Abacco (Harry Liedtke) as he embarks on some novel fundraising exercises after his rakish lifestyle finally dries up his noble coffers. 'Tartuffe' (1925), set in the 1920s, tells the story of a devious housekeeper who convinces her master to cut his worthy grandson out of his will and leave the riches to her instead.

This collection features new high-definition transfers of all five films from the finest archival elements, all on Blu-ray for the first time in a special edition three-disc set.
New high-definition presentations of all five films, created by the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung
Uncompressed PCM audio on all five scores
Original German-language intertitles with newly translated optional English-language subtitles on all films
What Will You Be Tomorrow? A new video essay by filmmaker and critic David Cairns
The Language of the Shadows: Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau and His Films, a 31-minute video piece by Luciano Berriatúa on the early works of Murnau
Audio commentary by film scholar David Kalat on The Grand Duke's Finances
The Making of The Last Laugh, a 41-minute documentary by Murnau expert Luciano Berriatúa
Tartuffe: The Lost Film, a 37-minute documentary by Berriatúa
PLUS: A 100-page book featuring writing by Charles Jameux, Lotte H. Eisner, Janet Bergstrom, Tony Rayns, and archival imagery

The grandson responds by disguising himself as the projectionist of a travelling cinema show, and flatters his way into his grandfather's home, where he shows his film of 'Tartuffe' in an attempt to open his grandfather's eyes to his housekeeper's manipulations. The film depicts a man named Orgon (Werner Krauss) who falls under the spell of an evil fraudster named Tartuffe (Jannings). Orgon's family, however, are not deceived and do their utmost to rid their house of Tartuffe and his lies.

Regisseur: F.W. Murnau

Cast: Arnold Korff | Lothar Mehnert | Paul Hartmann | Paul Bildt | Olga Tschechowa | Alfred Abel | Emil Jannings | Mady Christians | Harry Liedtke | Lil Dagover | Werner Krauss | Rosa Valetti | André Mattoni

Ondertiteling: Engels
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